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Established in 1957, Ysl has been consolidating weighty style and symbolization with the human form for a long while and much like fine wine, Ysl appears to just improve in time with no indications of regularly halting.

The french originator Yves Saint Laurent has wowed the masses on the runway, celebrity main street and practically all around in the middle of time and time once more.

Ysl has won not just the reverence of A-record stars and demonstrates, as well as what's to come for design.

"We've got to hand it to Saint Laurent. He picked an ethnically various cluster of models to strut the catwalk in his apparel much sooner than it was the standard. Anyway he didn't stop at non-white models and society allotment. Saint Laurent likewise made hermaphrodism into something chic with his female tuxedos in the late 1960s. Due to this and then some, Ysl's interlaced logo is a stamp of notable support right nearby Chanel's twofold C's. After his demise in 2008 at age 71, Saint Laurent- -who began with couture and fabricated a business domain -left behind a legacy of elitist attire and frill"

Paris night, a period to gathering. From the Rive Gauche to the Rive Droite, the Ysl lady plunges into late, late nights and fuses with the colours of a Parisian soirée. A mate's experience, an uncontrollably pulsating heart. A startling passion in the city's winter lights. Her eyes sparkle with a sentimental shine, her appearance stews with eager pink. Her lips grin with the colour of a French kiss. Until first light, she revels the motivation to play and love. She sees life through rose-coloured glasses. The rose of Saint Laurent.

Pure Chromatics Collector Palette Avenue Marceau

Mysterious and arousing as the Ysl lady, the gatherer palette encases in its heart a congruity of pink, violet and gold. Four entrancing shades with metallic highlights for completely Couture Parisian Sunset eyes.

Blush Collector Palette Rue de Babylone

A total 2-in-1 must have, the Blush Collector Palette sets a congruity of two inconspicuous shades, a cool, matte-textured pink and a shining pink heart with a glimmering complete, that adjust to all skin tones for an uniquely idealized solid gleam. A team of spellbinding pinks that aggravate the cheeks and give the appearance a wicked brilliance.

Vernis a Levres Rebel Nudes

104 Fuchsia Tomboy
109 Fuchsia Fugitive
110 Reckless Pink

Rouge Volupté Shine

6 Pink in Devotion
13 Pink in Paris
19 Fuchsia in Rage

Rouge Pur Couture


La Laque Couture

12 Rose Renaissance
14 Violine Surrealiste
29 Dore Orfevre

Moiré Liquid Eyeliner



YSL Haute Couture

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