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In February 2009, a closeout of 733 things was held by Christie's at the Grand Palais, going from compositions by Picasso to old Egyptian figures. Saint Laurent and Bergé started gathering craftsmanship in the 1950s.

Soon after the deal, Bergé remarked that the choice to offer the gathering was taken in light of the fact that, without Saint Laurent, "it has lost most of its importance," with the returns proposed for the formation of another establishment for Aids research.

After the deal started, the Chinese government tried to stop the offer of two of twelve bronze statue heads plundered from the Old Summer Palace in China throughout the Second Opium War. A French judge rejected the case and the figures, a rabbit's and rodent's head, sold for €15,745,000 ($20,117,073). On the other hand, the unknown purchaser uncovered himself to be Cai Mingchao, an agent of China's National Treasures Fund, and asserted that he might not pay for them on "ethical and devoted grounds." The heads have since stayed in Bergé's ownership.

On the first day of the bargain, Henri Matisse's canvas Les coucous, tapis bleu et rose broke the past planet record set in 2007 for a Matisse work and sold for 32 million euros. The record-breaking deal understood 342.5 million euros (£307 million). The consequent closeout, November 17–20, incorporated 1,185 things from the couple's Normandy villa, was not as great as the first sale, and offered the creator's last Mercedes-Benz car and hi


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