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Elie Saab Couture 2013: This is Gaultier's globe- haute couture's world. Trend that might be partly living and expanding, and, thus, active partially independent from us, which often permits a fresh therapy by individuals: in the place of removing the style after u... More

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme EDT: The name changed again after Saint Laurent retired. In the ripe age of 17 he went to Paris and in 1954 he won Paris design competition He started out at Christian Dior and struck out on his own the YSL symbol became synonymous with all the m... More

Galliano Patterns Radiant Garden (IMAGES, BALLOT): Koolhaas has generated shoes like twisted webs of tree-roots round the base. Sculpted, crafted and built to a femaleis specific physique, they integrate the finest things to produce the fashion outfit of one's ambitions. Elegance and the sig... More

Kanye West Wants His Own YSL Symbol: they feel as if the girl walking this Saint Laurent show is a reincarnation of Mick Jagger. . they am a huge supporter of Hedi Slimane, and that they think he is shifted Saint Laurent for the better. Almost peripheral in the picture a... More

Features From Day 4: Currently they're embarking on a complete world that is new - building their wedding dress. For years, they've been improving their design, spreading manner assistance, addressing your 'Ask Alex' queries. Versace Couture fashion-show in the Ritz inn ... More

Ralph Lauren Bribery Case Settled For $1.6M: Pink and black cotton babycat T-shirt from Saint Laurent featuring short sleeves which are wide, a loose fit, a crew neck plus a straight hem. they really like wearing L' Homme by YSL. The boys' act of defiance might have started around the ... More

Highlights From Alexandre Vauthier: they would want to communicate their heartfelt gratitude to you personally for creating their desire wedding gown! In-May Christian Lacroix released bankruptcy procedures, boosting the specter that the brand, whose dazzling cocktail dresses ... More

Tila Tequila's Revealing Interview!: LS: That's pretty typical of most guys you'd say. But on Saturday, the contentious, no-holds-barred story of one of the 20th century's finest fashion designers, Yves Saint Laurent, who died in 2008, screened in competition at Cannes. YSL L'H... More

Pre Couture. Meet: The series of Rolland was actually executive, using aspects frequently more associated with buildings than apparel ' like glass or metal ' to punctuate the eveningwear that is liquid. As an apprentice he found the abilities necessary to try ... More

Win A DVD And Yves Saint Laurent Book: they absolutely adore YSL L'Homme. During the 1960s and 1970s, the business popularized fashion crazes like the beatnik look, safari jackets for men and women, tight pants and tall, thigh high boots, for example, creation of arguably the mos... More

Haute Couture Spring: In line with the deal, designers need to exhibit their selections two times a year with no less than 35 clothes in one single variety. Couture in concerns to shows is usually extremely ornate and lavish, and generally would impossible to wear for reg... More

Thomas Pink, Victoria's Secret Tussle Over 'Pink' In Legal Filings: Ysl if he was living wouldn't sign this rubbish!!!!!! . They do not have ysl tags attached. It seemed the height of contentment- he is got the occupation; now he's it does not desire safe at Saint Laurent in the tote and to rock the boat. Port... More

Kardashian In Lagerfeld Speaks Out: Haute couture clothes are regarded because of its expensive price-tag as much as their originality. The primary consumers of Haute Fashion nowadays aren't any longer German socialites, but customers from Paris, China and the Middleeast. Wonderful clo... More

The 7 Names You Must Read In Case You'd Like To Work In The Business: But if they did have a couple of bills kicking around, they'd dedicate them to the most recent YSL top above. YELLOWISH silk ballet tshirt from Saint Laurent featuring a scoop neck, a chest pocket, short sleeves in addition to a loose fit. In spite o... More

Dior is Elegant Couture Show Is Ready Against White Orchids: The fashions of the McCaffrey Haute Fashion tag replicate an implicit sense of accomplishment and sophistication. . The complete tradesy content team) may be prepared to rough it la Carrie in Intercourse and the City for a few using this ea... More

The Upsetting Fashion Shoot That Enraged Twitter: they love this line, it is young, it is very (VERY) trendy but to give up in the chic heritage that's Yves Saint Laurent makes them nostalgic and a bit miserable. Michel De Brunoff, the editor of French Vogue introduced to designer Christian Dior Sai... More

Haute Couture File: Major players are seen by Fiori of Town & State like Chanel as a beacon of desire _ the " males " who could be coutureis only solution. Nevertheless, items modified on Friday when Dior displayed the Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013/2014 assortment with... More

Louboutin Red Only Lawsuit Update: The actor who represents with Saint Laurent appears, sporting spectacles, like Andy Samberg. The Denver Art Museum could be the only memorial while in the Usa using a 15-portion themed exhibit that premiered simply this past year at Le Petit... More

Unisex Fashion: Worth mixed specific tailoring with a standardization of the prepared-to- wear clothing marketplace, that was likewise developing during this period. Everybody knows that a few of the finest model at Fashion Week occurs outside of the Palais... More

All Elegant Men Jealous Should Be Made by the Bow Tie of Yves Saint Laurent: In 1999 Laurent bought his label's rights to Gucci Group NV, ceding control of aromas his Rive Gauche selection and accessories for people$70 million money and royalties. It is less a tale of haute fashion than of amour fou (because the 2010 document... More

Summer 2014 Week Schedule: That was allin preserving the - childhood -ifying of Couture. These components of the fashion past really are a fantastic screen into several of the styles in apparel at a time when its step was being really developed by High Fashion in the ... More

Yves Saint Laurent Trunk Show In Dallas: This tendency is not restricted to the Saint Laurent designer; they are viewing major nods towards the nineties. YSL 5 Couleurs #11 Ballets Russes is specific for them personally not simply due to the quite special color and feel blend but also since... More

Highlights From Your Last Time: As those inside the market questioned where they may use that item, the outfits spoke sizes and often produced a manner statement. Kind of fashion spanx that is like. New York Fashion Week is actually a time to observe just like important-ar... More

Luxurious Saint Laurent Reflects Waft Of The Great Artist: In addition to his traditional elegant garments, inside the portion "'A Gender Innovation" Laurent is styles combine menswear with tuxedos, pantsuits and opera looks for girls. Ofcourse, those aren't the sole movies about Christian Dior's or... More

Richard Martin: Valentino is projecting expansion of 30 to 35 percentage for premium this season, cheers to Chinese customers that are new in significant element. The trends were also noticed by the youthful Gaultier in film and fashion magazines. Aside fro... More

Yves Saint Serious Name Change: Later this year, there will be another biopic, Saint Laurent comparable subject matter. Niney plays the small Saint Laurent as being a jumpy, nerdy guy. . Can't find your location? Starting his profession Christian Dior, together with the abu... More

Highlights From Bouchra Jarrar: There are certainly a few who wander from your training, though many style show guests wear the custom of the show, to the show. The jumpsuit is the countless traits they liked out of this Paris Fashion Week and Dior really grabbed the stron... More

'Saint Laurent' Is Really A Lavish, Masterpiece that is Seductive: Yves Saint-Laurent is an exceptionally acted and elegantly filmed biopic which may be also classy a for this type of amount that is ravishing. Linda Forth and Donna Jordan used classic 40s in the flick. Laurent would fundamentally think abou... More

Haute Couture People As Well As Their Bags: There are specific routes fashion customers undergo to arrange this kind of garment's purchase. AP A type wears a design by clothier that is Dutch van Herpen included in her Women's Spring-Summer Haute Couture fashion selection offered in London. Cou... More

YSL To Release Eyeshadow For Fans: With lovely shows of Yves Saint Laurent beauty products all around, a roped-off red carpet for attending superstars (I evidently skipped observing them all, as they had previously headed into the theater), and bags of the tastiest popcorn available, ... More

Applying Unsexy Models To Be Sold by Haute Couture Report Style: It is definitely unlike what any couture property is displaying today. Armani used skin tight pants with huge handbags that did actually bring the interest of Arabic consumers and, Stephane Rolland offered attractive dresses from heavy taffe... More

Saint Spring 2011 Is Here: Morning ensemble that is Extended, Yves Saint Laurent, haute couture selection, Drop-Winter 1983. The forties seem of Laurent motivated Jean Paul Gaultier, having a baby towards the glance of the 80s. StCan be a whirlwind of influences. . Sain... More

Chanel's Casual Vs. Givenchyis Serious Art: Nevertheless, the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture officially protects in France the meaning that was true. Thirty eight- year old Theron ' a brand ambassador for Dior ' wore a platinum fringed drink that is sparkling dress just like the one ... More

Yves Saint Laurent Movie Review (2014): Your information provides you some background about the Yves Saint business and may welcome you. Employing the symbol of E Laurentis company's for its opening title string, the film is primarily a period-age professional of retro designs. Unlike the ... More

Arabic Girls The Majority Professionals State, Of Fashion Clients: Craft nonetheless prevails inside the style world, as a result of an unquenchable thirst for more, instincts and the people of painters who never stop seeking something fresh, anything wonderful. The definition of haute fashion, a French expression m... More

Trailer For Yves Saint Laurent Movie Is Here: Thus, comeon to Bloomingdales 59th Street - Lexington Avenue, and experience the future of attractiveness through the eyes of Google Glass just at the YSL counter! For this form of basis Saint Laurent thought they would introduce an application proce... More

Whispers At Schiaparelli, Frankensteinis Monster At Versace. Haute Couture Autumn: Together of Canadais many famous fashion homes Haute Couture have appeared in advertising across Europe, the United States, and around the world. In this latest couture brand, the scheme consists generally of dark hues: dark, gray, red and variations... More

YSL Splendor US By Yves Saint Formal Online Store: The retrospective consists of 200 mannequins wearing mainly haute couture outfits comprising the occupation of Saint Laurent. Denver houses design area and a flowering vogue. You could heard them stressing about YSL Combinations tending to c... More

The Good The Bad & The Ugly: A blog dedicated to tell these stories that made the historical past of vogue an inspiring journey through time. Their guidelines state that only those companies mentioned on the record drawn up every year by a fee domiciled on the Ministry for Indus... More

Biopic Does Not Discover The Genius Of Saint Laurent: The refusal to work with the Saint-Laurent crew of Berg meant that the costume designer Romand of the picture, had quite a activity on her palms. He also becomes the first developer ahead up with a pr t-aporter (prepared-to-don) line. Being a head... More

Grand Traditions In French Couture: She seemed elegant in Dior black silk costume and accessorized with Dior pumps and Dior clutch bag. In 1945 Pierre Balmain opened his personal Couture House and revolutionized trend and his lengthy bell shaped skrts with slender waist grew to becom... More

Yves Saint Laurent's Respect Aux Ann es 40s: Others contained in the collection were dresses with a slender neck and flared carefully at the bottom. To view the truck for Saint Laurent click the link, or visit the link above perfume pack and to acquire passes. Being a fresh style prod... More

What Is Haute Couture?: Think of high fashion as the highest of the fashion pyramid, where designers' minds and budgets run free. In the early 1980s, Christian Lacroix renewed the thirties house of Jean Patou, where he was artistic director from 1981 to 1987, and ... More

The Retrospective: To not be discouraged by this first decision, which allowed YSL to carry on to market the 2011 resort collection footwear designs the Homage the Palais and Woodstock despite having their vivid red soles Louboutinis lawyers appealed the decision. Well... More

The Enduring French Haute Couture House That Inspires & Impresses To This Day In Several: This situation stimulated many new initiatives from the Paris couture to regulate their designs and for the design homes to straight profit from them. Accordingly, to ensure that a house to be deemed a creator of haute couture by the French ... More

YSL Couture: (remember these two Truman Capote videos?), but rather what they disclose in regards to the style itself. Well, okay, after manner. Virtually peripheral while in the flick are sources to the inspired affect as you of the most mold of Saint L... More

La Mode Des Ann es 50 Expos e Au Mus e Galliera: All attire are made-to-measure, customized designs. In 1987, Arnault invested tens of millions within the new haute couture house of Christian Lacroix, which had the same impact on the revitalization and public curiosity within the high fash... More

Scent, Makeup, Skincare: The latest addition to the Volupt household, Yves Saint Laurent's Gloss Volupt - using its lip-designed installer - will come in four fresh tones inside the new selection (Flower Fusion, Increased Orf vre, Prune Organdi and Terriblement Fuchsia)... More

Chanel Haute Couture: Once again high fashion was worn and promoted by worldwide celebrities and equally well-known and highly paid tremendous fashions. People (designers, that's) and design houses are granted the haute couture designation by the French Ministr... More

TrendStyle: Saint Laurent portrays the developer through a purple haze of partying working in the business, nevertheless he never becomes someone they know well, nor someone they automatically feel compassion for. The cosmetics manufacturer has introduced Le Enc... More

The Cult Of Couture: That is where couture garments are made. . Being known as a high fashion house is as exclusive as its consumer record, in fact the time period is even protected by French legislation. Rose Bertin, the French clothier to Queen Marie Antoinette... More

Christian Louboutin Vs. YSL' Bottoms' Litigation Ultimately Ignored: The owner of the flame of YSL inand dying, Pierre Berg (Guillaume Gallienne), Saint Laurentis longtime life and company associate, exposed the racks of his basis to help with making YSL. As she shuts his Drop display in Paris, 1997, Yves Saint Laur... More

Parasolerie Heurtault: Thank you for making them the wedding costume of their dreams. This was haute couture's golden age, when Paris regained its title of world trend capital. couture has now grow to be a pink carpet staple, worn by celebrities who have turn int... More

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Cornerstone Evaluation: Saint Laurent's first perfume premiered in 1964 and also the latest fragrance launch arrived in 2012. Spring that is Pilati s 2011 collection was an ode towards the most important Saint codes. In 1964 Yves Saint Laurent introduced his women... More

The 50s Style In France. 1947: It was Charles Frederick Price , the Father of Haute Couture, who can be referred to as the primary trendy couturier. The craft base of haute couture was financially troublesome to maintain in an increasingly industrialized society. Designe... More

Are You Frugal Or A Trend Enthusiast Stylista?: Berge assured the teenager that was exceedingly sensitive that Saint Laurent's truthfulness was evidence he really liked his young acolyte. Under Slimane Saint Laurent strategies to continue to enlarge its presence in America, starting new s... More

Paris Haute Couture Hits San Francisco: In fact, not many houses are official haute couture houses anymore. . Haute couture collections are transferring artwork exhibitions: The clothes are designed to be worn by perhaps just some clients, all of whom can slot in one row on the hou... More

Pas Cher YSL T Shirt Mens&womens Affordable Yves Saint Laurent Wholesale: they am expecting so. Unlike the first authorized film by Jalil Lespert, the Bonello job was openly opposed Saint Laurent's living life Berge, and company partner. More affordable ysl symbol t-shirt for men with gucci mane save 65% 100% Secure shoppi... More

Misiones Paris, Fancy Fantaisie Jewellery With Ethnic: Generally the term haute couture is misused by prepared-to-put on brands. The stitching staff are divided between two areas: dressmaking (flou), for dresses and draped clothes based mostly upon feminine dressmaking techniques, or tailoring ... More

Mickey Boardman Says Nicki Minaj, Ben Stiller Are 'Dreadful' To Work With: YSL has many colours in this variety, making the product ideal for those with deep skin tones that have problems locating highlighers. I enjoy their YSL shirt and they can not wait to see how they style it next time! Yves Saint Laurent began... More

This Is Their Life: Earlier this 12 months, Lawrence shocked on the Golden Globes 2013 red carpet in a daring purple, Christian Dior high fashion dress, Brian Atwood heels and Ferragamo clutch. Sitting front row for the Giorgio Armani Couture runway present during Paris... More

Top & Dwayne Wade In Sneakers And Gucci Belt: This AMI tshirt with a tartan pocket (EUR85) is an excellent start, and once you've dipped your toes in, you may feel ready for this Beams Plus shirt (JPY11,880, approx EUR85) might have you hooked with its combination of plaids. Then YSL cancelled o... More

ANDREA JANKE Most interesting Equipment: All eminently wearable garments, that have been extremely elegant, and worthy of the identify of Dior. Artistic Director Raf Simmons stayed true to the floral fascination that is traditional Dior. Al also clinked glasses at Dior's cocktail get toget... More

Buy Discount Ysl Logo T Shirt For Women Save In Every Aisle Products Ysl Logo: Take a look at new looks from Kate Spade Jimmy Choo, Dior and YSL. She set those crafty florals right into a pretty, long, wrap- a flowy style skirt, finely ruffled dress, so when a long-sleeve T shirt which can be worn under a cream-colored... More

Christian Dior Haute Couture AW14: Donatella Versace climbed Mount Olympus for inspiration within the opening show of Paris' spring-summer high fashion week, in prime type after an eight-yr hiatus. Tapping the darkish depths of creativeness and blurring the boundaries between art and ... More

Controversial Or No Huge Deal? (PHOTOS, SURVEY): Notably Y Yves Saint Laurent Shoes with YSL Summer Classic Cotton Round Neck T shirt Grey, which appear graceful and amazing. Compared to increase market, Yves Saint Laurent Shoes tend to be more noticeable characteristics of the marketplace. Black c... More

There Was A Princess In A Onesie At Couture Fashion Week: As a result of issue of producing couture after which the much more daunting job of selling these items, the variety of certified ateliers has dwindled in recent years, a lot to their chagrin. . Raf Simons. Some notable members are a... More

Why Having A French Boyfriend Is Similar To Living With A Fashion Stylist: Yves Saint Laurent will keep for quite a long time in the fashion brand niches. The pleated detail that pops out, is part of a long YSL t-shirt that you're wearing underneath. they did find a real YSL shirt here in Vancouver on among their local buy ... More

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2014: The appointment marks the end of a long search course of that has captivated the business, and it confirms a report in WWD on thirteen December 2011 that the fabled French home was closing in on Simons because the successor to John Galliano after 15... More

How Can You Make Those YSL Tshirts?: Yves Saint Laurent's Y Mail group runs between $300 and $600. . You're purchasing a 100% Authentic Yves Saint Laurent. Everyone had read the story of International Herald Tribune quoting unnamed sources as saying that YSL designer Ste... More

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